Roman Classic Travertine Fabricated for Fireplace Surround

As a stonemason, it is a true honor to get to work with materials that have truly exhibited the beauty and the timelessness of historical architecture. One such material is a natural stone known as Roman Classic Travertine. This Italian stone enhanced the look of many cathedrals and Roman buildings nearly 2,000 years ago – and we get to use it as an addition to modern statement pieces in homes and businesses.

Creating the Beautiful Fireplace Facade

To create this gorgeous fireplace surround, we used a template after getting the original measurements and speaking with the homeowner about their design goals. With this template, we were able to professionally cut the stone to fit the surround. The result was this beautiful fireplace mantle and frame that will inspire anyone who visits this home. Take a look for yourself.

Enhance Your Home with Natural Stone

We can add beauty with stone to any home or business. We can also provide custom, hand-carved accents into stone – like we did for Fordham University and the Palace Hotel. These historical features will certainly stand the test of time – because they already have for the last millennia.