Marble Carving of Abraham Lincoln by Robotic Machine

The team at Petrillo Stone is excited to have obtained a robotic carving machine to use in our shop! I have always been completely enthralled and taken by the beauty that Romans and Etruscans were able to produce. While their carvings took them decades, our new robotic machine will allow us to create beautiful works of art in a very short amount of time.

Honest Abe in Marble

Marble busts and statues have been a traditional and beautiful element of art for centuries, and so we thought it was the right choice for the first project of our new robotic machine. We decided to recreate a gorgeous and intricate bust of Abraham Lincoln using marble – and the results are quite breathtaking.

abe in marble

The Future of Robotic Carvings and Petrillo Stone

Our team is proud to produce the most exceptional hand carvings and stonework in New York and the greater NYC area. That will not change – even with a new piece of tech. This robotic machine will allow us to expand our design universe and take our custom carvings to the next level. We are so excited to be able to show this off to the world and offer it as an extension to our clients.