Supplying Brownstone for Brooklyn Episcopal Church

As a third-generation Petrillo, growing up around the historic buildings in the tri-state area and playing a part in preserving such structures has been an honor. Not many people have been able to touch the architecture or stonework in any one specific building, but our team has had the opportunity to work on many of the interior and exterior stone that makes the beauty of this history stand out. Recently, one such project captured the sentiment.

The Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew

Brownstone is typically used in many historic buildings, especially in the eastern United States. If you pass by a church, hotel, house, or even cemetery from the 1800s, chances are Brownstone was used in some way. This is because Brownstone was easily fabricated in local Quaker quarries throughout the Connecticut River Valley, and later, throughout New Jersey. In Brooklyn, the Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew was built using this special type of stone in 1888, making it a typical church for the era and one that is important to preserve.

I love Brownstone in particular because it is very easy to work with and manipulate. It is the reason why it was so popular in the 19th century, its hardness made it easy to carve headstones or different architectural styles. Petrillo Stone was able to match the Brownstone aesthetics for this Episcopal Church – but the pleasure was all ours.

Leaving Behind a History

Our family has been carving its legacy since 1907. Looking forward to the future, we are thrilled to be able to continue leaving our mark on history by helping preserve the nation’s most beautiful architecture. We can’t wait to see what is in store for our team and which buildings of antiquity we will get to lay our hands on!